Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Rooted was founded during lockdown in 2020 to create amazingly tasty plant-based food at a price and level of convenience that is accessible to anyone seeking to incorporate more plants into their diet. Its founders, Ashleigh Walters and Mathew Hoepner, strongly feel that it should be possible and, even more importantly, easy to lead a plant-based lifestyle that feels amazing and abundant.

Months of product development led Rooted to launch its first range of plant-based food – burger patties that tick all the boxes its founders believe in: amazing flavour, whole and identifiable ingredients, gluten-free and free from all animal products.  This range is also free from soy products. Rooted wanted its first range of products to celebrate the deliciousness of plants, herbs and spices without attempting to imitate the experience of eating meat.

Mathew and Ashleigh both have extensive backgrounds in the food and restaurant industries, having met in a busy restaurant more than 15 years ago.  This background has heavily informed their approach to the standards they choose to apply – not only to their nutrient-dense food products, but also to their customer service philosophy. Ashleigh’s formative career in restaurant management instilled in her a burgeoning love for food and service and, as a working chef, Matt’s expertise and passion for the food he creates is evident in the authenticity of Rooted’s products.

Ashleigh and Mathew are committed to developing and growing a brand that is clean, wholesome and inclusive; this means that product development is ongoing. Feedback on Rooted’s initial range of burger patties has been overwhelmingly positive, but we are also constantly working on exciting new product ideas to more fully service the growing global trend towards plant-based living.