Vegan for a Month – 31 Meal Planning Ideas

We used ‘Veganuary’ to provide a serious kick start to our plant based diet. No doubt, after a December of indulgence, getting this right would need to involve some serious planning, so we mapped out a full 31 days of meals to help us shop and prepare for dinner time. If you’re looking for some vegan or plant based meal planning ideas, check out our list below. We will also be adding links to some of our favourite recipes as they are developed, so stay tuned.

31 Vegan & Plant Based Meals

  1. Tomato, olive and asparagus fusilli
  2. Cauliflower & mushroom tikka masala curry
  3. Aubergine & mushroom ‘bolognaise’
  4. Mediterranean mushroom & spinach phyllo parcel with summer salad
  5. Thai noodles salad
  6. Roast tomato risotto
  7. Rooted plant based burgers
  8. Black bean tacos with salsa
  9. Tomato, aubergine & spinach lasagna
  10. Cauliflower cottage pie
  11. Fried rice with spinach and broccoli
  12. Spinach & mushroom curry
  13. Tabbouleh and roast veg
  14. Dumplings with Asian salad
  15. Grilled mushroom skewers and salad
  16. Spinach & vegan cheese pie with salad
  17. Cauliflower katsu
  18. Mushroom ‘meatball’ ai funghi
  19. Veg chilli ‘con carne’
  20. Malaysian noodles
  21. Vegan sausage cassoulet
  22. Tomato & olive penne
  23. Masala dosa
  24. Summer tagliatelle
  25. Kimchi fried rice
  26. Mushroom risotto
  27. Roasted vegetable tart
  28. Falafel pita pockets
  29. Basil pesto grilled brown mushrooms
  30. Shakshuka and flatbread
  31. Rooted vegan sausage pizza

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